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Think your business is too small for a leading CRM? Think again.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

As a recruiter, your ATS/CRM is the backbone of your business, and choosing the right one can save you significant time and money by streamlining your processes. From fast access to candidate data for screening to automating your candidate communication, the right ATS/CRM can help you achieve targets, improve the client and candidate experience, and, ultimately, grow your business.

And the key to success is having the right platform for your specific needs. With so many options out there, it can be hard to differentiate as most offer similar features. What is often overlooked is the performance and maintenance of the platform itself, but it’s a critical factor if you want to get the most out of your investment.

Leading platforms can work for recruiters

If you are looking at security and performance, you really can’t go past the leading CRM platforms, like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, yet most recruiters do. Why? Because these systems are often perceived to be too general for a recruitment environment, offering a myriad of features recruiters will never need.

But the reality is that these platforms are evolving and allowing developers to build niche applications that make them work in a variety of different environments, including recruitment.

Take Salesforce, for example: With its own app marketplace, Salesforce appexchange, users can access over 3,000 industry-specific services built on the platform. With just a quick search for recruitment, we found hundreds of applications specifically built to streamline the recruitment process, from ATS and video and call integration to onboarding, all designed to work on this leading platform.

Better yet, many of these apps can be accessed for just a small fee, and some are even free. For some, you need to be an existing Salesforce user, but others, like CTC People’s Click-Recruit App, enable you to access the benefits of the Salesforce platform without needing your own licence, at a fraction of the fee.

Security a critical factor

In Australia, it is estimated that $328 million is lost to online fraud, data breaches, and theft each year, and it’s a very real threat for businesses in all industries. Not only is there a risk of financial loss, but with today’s reporting requirements, breaches are made public and can cause significant brand damage.

In recruitment, we hold confidential information for thousands of candidates, so it’s easy to see why security should be paramount. Salesforce is leading the way in cloud security and putting data privacy at the forefront of the service it provides to its 150,000 customers worldwide. It’s just one of the many reasons the recruitment industry should take a second look.

Performance and productivity

Larger platforms, like Dynamics and Salesforce, enable you to have a totally integrated platform that can support you at every step of the recruitment process, from screening to selection. It also makes it easier for your team members to collaborate with each other, and potentially with clients who are on the same platform.

With extensive reporting features and customisable visual display dashboards, you can also see real-time statistics of any team or individual, making it easier to determine and manage your business performance; a critical function as we all navigate the challenges of an entirely new and ever-changing business environment in the aftermath of COVID-19.


The larger platforms offer automation tools that are second to none. If you want to provide a truly seamless candidate experience that actually saves you time and money, the leading platforms really are the way to go.

With all industries moving towards automation of administrative and onerous tasks that don’t benefit from human interaction, there is a real opportunity for forward-thinking recruiters to use these platforms to increase efficiency today and future-proof for tomorrow.

Maintenance and updates

Maintenance is an important piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked, until it’s too late. The larger CRM providers have huge development teams who are constantly working to eliminate emerging threats and build new functionality as business need evolves, all designed to keep your platform and your business running smoothly.

In this department, smaller CRMs often can’t compete, so while your initial outlay might be lower, you’ll likely find you need to upgrade your system more often. And this isn’t just about the financial cost; there is significant opportunity cost when it comes to upgrading and retraining staff on a whole new system.

Don’t disregard the leading platforms when considering your CRM investment. Get expert advice on how you can harness the performance, features and security of platforms like Salesforce, customised for your environment. If you’re reviewing your options, talk to us about how Click-Recruit can give you access to the world’s leading CRM platform at just a fraction of the cost.

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