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RMS Features

Simplify everyday Recruitment tasks.

CTC People RMS, the powerful core solution that revolutionises your recruitment processes. Our cutting-edge RMS is designed to streamline recruitment, making it more efficient and effective. What sets CTC People ATS apart is its scalability and customisation capabilities, allowing it to adapt seamlessly to any business process.

Seamlessly Move Candidates Through the Recruiting Lifecycle

Applicant Tracking Made Simple

Manage applicants efficiently with our ATS. Track each candidate's progress, communicate seamlessly with them, and collaborate effortlessly with your hiring team to ensure a smooth and effective selection process.

Automated Resume Parsing

Save time on manual data entry with our AI-driven resume parsing feature. Our ATS automatically extracts candidate information, including skills, work experience, and education, directly into your candidate database.

Seamless Integration

Connect your ATS with your preferred Recruiting tools for a seamless experience. Our ATS integrates smoothly with various platforms, such as job boards, background screening services, and onboarding systems.

Security and Compliance

Rest assured that your candidate data is safe and secure with our robust security measures. We comply with data privacy regulations to protect your sensitive information.

Intuitive Job Posting

Post job openings with ease and speed. Our user-friendly interface allows you to create and publish job ads on multiple platforms, including leading job boards, social media, and your corporate website, all from one centralised platform.

Data-Driven Insights

Make informed decisions with powerful analytics. Our ATS provides real-time insights into your recruitment performance, allowing you to measure key metrics, identify bottlenecks, and optimise your hiring strategy.

Automated Communication

Stay engaged with candidates using automated communication tools. Keep applicants informed about their application status, interview schedules, and onboarding details, ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Customisable and Scalable

The future design, workflows and automation are in your control, customise the base model to meet you business process. The solution is not locked down, you have the control.

Trusted by Australian businesses since 2009, and now the world...

''We have used CTC People since 2012, with the benefit of it build on the SalesForce platform it is the core source of truth for our organisation.''

June 2020Pru Bell

Business Analyst, Intepeople

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