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Case study: The right technology for your business

SaaSpeople is the APAC’s leading provider of Salesforce recruitment consulting and digital project services. A recruitment company at its heart, SAAS People was set up to specifically service the Salesforce ecosystem, helping Salesforce customers, partners and integrators, find the right people for their roles.


SaaSpeople recruit for a mixture of permanent and project-based roles. “Unlike other recruitment firms, we are focused on servicing a product industry rather than a specific type of role. Focusing on Salesforce, we source roles from solutions architects, business analysts and consultants through to full-time administrators, so we need an ATS that works for our processes,” said Stuart Smith, Co-Founder and Director, SaaSpeople.

Like most recruitment firms, SaaSpeople knows the importance of having the right technology set-up in your business to help it run efficiently. “We needed a CRM/ATS that truly catered to our business needs. For us, that meant we wanted to invest in one platform that would work across all aspects of our business, from business development and recruitment, through to integrating with our back-end business systems like timesheets, payroll, and document management. We just wanted one platform that we could run everything through, so we had one source of truth.”

The business development functionality was essential for SaaSpeople. “We need to focus on business development to ensure we continue to grow. To do that effectively we need a CRM/ATS that gives us the functionality to truly manage our sales process,” said Stuart.


SaaSpeople is a long-standing user of Click-Recruit, a CRM/ATS. “We have always used Click-Recruit for our CRM/ATS. We went through a review recently, to make sure we still had the best product to suit our needs. We looked at a number of ATS providers but none of them really had that business development functionality, integrations and customisation that Click-Recruit can provide.”

Click-Recruit runs off the world’s leading CRM platform, Salesforce. This provides a number of advantages over other systems, as it is built to help organisations manage their customer relationships and the sales process.

“Recruitment is essentially a sales business. A lot of systems focus solely on the recruitment process and the candidate data, but don’t cater for the sales requirements of the business. For us, that would be like purchasing half a product as it only serves half of what we require as a business.

“As it is built on the Salesforce platform, Click-Recruit is fully customisable. We have been able to build in our own sales and recruitment processes, which has been really effective for us and something that Click-Recruit does really well.

“Of course, there are some locked fields, but for us, we can go in, and build the vast majority of workflows that we require in our business. It is definitely not a one-size-fits-all ATS.

“If there is functionality that you require, that you can’t build yourself, you then have the Click-Recruit support team to help. We have been working on a few projects recently, like redeveloping our website. We provided them with a scope of work and they have delivered on everything we needed.”

“The support arm of Click-Recruit has been fantastic, and probably even more so since the new Managing Director, Curtis Johnston, has come on board,”


“For us, the decision to use Click-Recruit really came down to being able to manage and plan our business development, and that’s where the other ATS providers are falling down. All recruiters need to manage, plan and forecast for their sales. If you are only getting the applicant management side, you are missing a huge opportunity. Through Click-Recruit, we get full visibility into client activity so we know exactly when they were last spoken to, when they last hired, what roles they have hired for in the past, what their project pipeline is, and what was logged as the next steps.

“The other key feature was the integrations. We integrate with different applications for everything from our contract management and electronic-signatures, through to our timesheet management and our invoicing. It all integrates nicely into Click-Recruit, so it becomes your one source of truth.”

“Click-Recruit comes with the advantages of Salesforce. There is so much opportunity being part of the Salesforce platform, if you know what you need to achieve as a business there is a vast amount of integrations available to you and the tools are there for you to be as efficient as possible.”

Will Walker, Co-Founder and Director of SaaSpeople, is not only happy with what Click-Recruit is able to provide for his business today, he is excited for the future. “Our next step with Click-Recruit will be to set-up self-service portals for our candidates. We know other ATS providers are talking about candidate portals, but it wasn’t a huge priority and an advantage of Click-Recruit is that it integrates with Salesforces Communities portal, which is hugely popular with Salesforce customers and is perfect for our needs”.

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