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CTC People Lightning Announcement

While most of you are aware of the upgrade to Salesforce Lightning Experience, CTC People is pleased to announce that the migration of our customers to Lightning. In addition, we are releasing a Document Generation tool to increase efficiency and enhance your brand for external communications. We are also releasing Communities Cloud which delivers the capability for your Candidates and Clients securely portal-in to update their details. Document Generation CTC People has partnered with S-Docs to bring our customers the best document generation capability. This will empower your organisation with the fastest, easiest and most secure document generator built on the Salesforce Platform. Create sophisticated documents that improve efficiency, reduce errors and eliminate tedious work, with all your branding consistently applied. After an extensive evaluation we chose to partner with S-Docs for 4 simple reasons: S-Docs is fast, simple, smart and secure. We know that data security is a vexing question, and with the S-Docs 100% native solution, your data never leaves the Salesforce platform. The addition of document generation capability will give you the ability to create personalised letters, contracts, terms of business and formatted resume. Contact us for more information about pricing, and setting up your document templates. Communities We have recently added Salesforce Community Cloud to our suite of products, to help our customers create secure Client and Candidate websites. With Communities, you can allow your Clients to log in and edit their data, create Vacancies, manage Interviews, and update Candidate Management, for example. You get to control who can do and see what, and be assured that Client data remains secure. A Candidate Community will allow your candidates to update their profile. upload the latest resume, apply for Jobs, and update their availability. Of course this is all natively mobile, and secure. Contact us to discuss how Communities can add value to your business. For details about Salesforce Communities, visit Roadmap We continue to add more functionality and upgrade Click-Recruit, and we will be announcing additional innovations after the Lightning rollout is complete.

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