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CTC People
ATS & CRM Features

Simplify everyday Recruitment tasks.

We know that every individual and every industry is different, which is why CTC People provides an ATS & CRM that doesn't generalise.
Our knowledge of how to provide the best solution to each customer is both our greatest strength and your greatest asset.

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Seamlessly Move Candidates Through the Recruiting Lifecycle

Streamline daily tasks with faster source, search, and match

Post directly to top-tier job boards and receive instant alerts as applications are made and sent directly to the ATS.

We speed up your candidate search by providing an easy to use interface. You can source with resume keywords, skills, credentials, past positions, mobile numbers and return the best matches for your clients requirements.

Build your workflow, your way.

Assign candidates with statuses and tags (for example, ‘contacted’, or ‘interview booked’). Allow your hiring managers to get notified and view great candidates within minutes of their application.

With our build in workflow we ensure your candidates have the required supporting documentation and are 100% compliant for their industry, avoiding the worry of finding the right candidate only to discover later they couldn’t work due to an expired cert.

Dashboard Reporting

Our ATS helps you make sense of your data in easy to understand dashboards and reports. You can take control and create new reports easily. With data gathered from back office systems, such as payroll, billing and finance, you will be able to see the whole picture of your business, from snapshots to yearly summaries, you will always know where you stand.

The system puts you in charge of what reports and dashboard you view and which ones you need to share with your colleagues, you can create a collaborative environment and share data to keep everyone updated as it happens.

Integrations for every element of the recruitment lifecycle

CTC People partners with the leaders in the recruitment solutions industry, allowing our ATS to connect to the leading value-add and back office systems for finance, payroll, billing, timesheets and job boards.

Looking for a way to seamlessly work with your other day to day applications? We would love to hear how we could help.

Trusted by thousands of Australian businesses

''We have used CTC People since 2012, with the benefit of it build on the SalesForce platform it is the core source of truth for our organisation.''

June 2020Pru Bell

Business Analyst, Intepeople

Create and Find Candidates Quickly
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