Smart Reportable and Customised

Recruitment Management Cloud Solution

CTCPeople deliver a fully integrated cloud CRM/ATS solution for Recruitment Agencies and Human Resources teams in any industry. The solution manages business workflows and automates activities to save time on searching, attracting and obtaining employment candidates.

What our clients love about ctcPeople?

Richard Scott

I can manage my team better using my custom dashboards.

Amber Jones

Searching for candidates is great and so is the LinkedIn integration.

Clive Bourne

It's the backbone of my desk; I could not place as many candidates as I do without it.

Michael Starke

We can customise Salesforce in seconds; nothing can be hidden.

John Buddge

We have created alerts, daily emails & workflow triggers that allow all staff in our business to see how we are performing.

Adrian Jones

It allows me to project placements before the placements happen & manage by business in process accurately every day.

Chris Milies

You can’t beat the detail you can get and report on, it gives more than the others in the market.

James Browning

The daily email alerts on our company performance are valuable, this way we know what’s happening in a large multi-site business.

Why choose ctcPeople?

Search Candidates

We know finding the right candidate quickly is critical to your success. Our People Search engine's powerful searching capability ensures you always find the right candidate for the job and maximise the value of your recruitment database.

Screen Candidates

Find the right candidate with minimal effort. Scanning through resumes, scoring, and shortlisting, all done in one place, with Screen Candidates.


Our dashboards are second to none and put a the wealth of information at your fingertips. From real-time snapshots to yearly summaries, you will always know where you stand. We can create email alerts for consultants, management and workflow processes for you to manage the whole recruitment lifecycle and all of this is completely mobile enabled.

Other Features


Jump onto the candidates’ LinkedIn profile straight away. Two-way integration means you can identify candidates already in your database.

Direct Job Posting

Post jobs directly to all the main Job boards. We march in lockstep with our posting partners to bring the latest job advertising methods at your fingertips.

Candidate and Consultant Tracking

Track the status of your applicants, as they progress through your recruitment workflow.

Compliance Management

We know expediting the paperwork is critical for fast turnaround. Ensure your candidates have all their supporting documentation in one place and available at a glance. 


Unlike most ATSs, our platform is built on Salesforce which means an enterprise grade platform with eminent configurability. 

Import Candidate

Adding candidates to your database couldn't be easier. Creating records, parsing resumes and indexing them are all done with one click.

Native Mobile

Get all the vital information you need fast. Drive quicker decisions with real-time data from Dashboards and Custom Reports. Made available on your phone or mobile device.

Send Resume

Found the shortlists? Now, forward them all out in one go, with Send Resume.

Roster & Availability Management

Find the right candidate for the job at hand. Our rostering solution checks your candidate's calendar, location or any criteria you can come up with.

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